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Are you ready to go vegan, sis?


Go Vegan, Sis!

Welcome to Afro Feminista Vegan!


I'm Topaz, a plant-based vegan of 5 years, vegan chef and certified Vegan Nutritionist. 

My mission: to help you start a healthy plant-based lifestyle in 30 days. 

My whyI want to help as many women of color start a healthy plant-based lifestyle because I know what it feels like to be obese, unhealthy and riddled with preventable illnesses. I want women of color to see the light on the other side of health and start living their best life with their health in mind. 

If you're ready to:

  • Start a new healthy chapter in your life 

  • Try out a vegan and plant-based lifestyle

  • Start eating healthier but don’t know how 

  • Change your diet and lifestyle to make health and wellbeing your new "norm"

  • Quit the yo-yo diet craze and stick with a lifestyle proven by science to make you healthier

  • Notice a positive change in your body 

  • Take control of your life and start thriving 

  • Become a "veganista" and achive a healthy vegan lifestyle

the She Can Vegan Program is for you!

Join the She Can Vegan program and get the support, knowledge and confidence you need to start a healthy vegan lifestyle in 30 days.

Our veganistas enjoy:

  •  Custom 7 day vegan meal plan + grocery list for easy meal prep

  • 60 minutes of personal coaching with Topaz

  • Access to our AFV Sisters Facebook Page

  • 24 hour access to our resource library with information on nutrition, fitness, cooking tips, and advice on transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle

  • Motivational emails featuring inspiring vegans of color

  • Swag Bag mailed to you (includes t-shirt, tote bag and coffee mug) - $55 VALUE

Are you ready to go vegan?

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Girl, Eat Your Veggies: Vitamin B-12

A new blog series discussing all of the important vitamins you need to start a healthy vegan lifestyle. 

Read all about Vitamin B-12, what it is, why you need it, and what happens if you don't get it. 


Fresh Mixed Berry Preserves

This 15 minute berry preserve combines strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and blackberries with the sweetness of raw cane sugar and lemon. Perfect for the jam lover that likes fresh and simple ingredients with a delicious taste. Great for PB&J’s as well as morning toast.



Try out chef-created and world inspired cuisines that will leave your stomach and wallet satisfied

You don't have to go vegan alone. Talk to a 7 year plant-based eater and vegan chef about the plant-based lifestyle

She Can Vegan


A vegan program designed to start you on a healthy vegan lifestyle in 30 days.

Chef Services

Need a vegan chef? Look no further. I create healthy plant-based meals for any and all vegan eaters. Peep my sample menu to see what I offer