Are you ready to look good, feel great and eat well today?


Hey! I'm Topaz. Welcome to Afro Feminista Vegan. 

How would you like a personal plant-based coach, custom meal plan and a community of vegans to lean on? 


It's way better than struggling to go plant-based by yourself without support, information or the tools to feed yourself right. 

You're going to love a plant-based lifestyle because it unlocks new levels of health and happiness that you never knew were possible.


You can finally lose that extra weight, feel more energized and start a new chapter in your life. 


Don't go back to the old days of unhealthy food, weight gain and loneliness.


Start your plant-based journey on the right foot. 


You ready, sis?

Now is the time to Take care of you 

You're always taking care of someone else. 

​You have people to feed, things to do and no time to take of yourself.


Now is the time to make YOU important again.

Don't suffer in silence while other people get to enjoy health and happiness. 

Take care of your body and wellbeing like the goddess we know you are. ​

You Deserve to feel better

Go plant-based if you're ready to...

  • Be free of pain and disease

  • Feel happy about your body and weight

  • Quit yo-yo diets that don't work

  • Make health and happiness your new "norm"

  • Try a new lifestyle that you can stick to

  • Feel confident cooking healthy, delicious food for yourself 

  • Take control of your eating habits and start eating to live not living to eat 

  • Finally achieve a healthy lifestyle that you can love

This is going to change your life

Join the


A 30 day program here to guide and support you on your plant-based journey.


Lose weight, feel great and eat well again.

If you join the She Can Vegan, and you will...

  • Enjoy cooking healthy meals with a seven day vegan meal plan + grocery list made just for you

  • Feel proud when you meet your health and fitness goals with high-level personal coaching from Topaz. 

  • Be supported by other vegans of color who understand your journey in the Afro Feminista Vegan Sistas Group

  • Learn so much about nutrition, fitness, and cooking in our 24-hour resource library

  • Finally be motivated to eat and live well when you see inspiring vegans women of color, exciting recipes, and helpful tips in your inbox every week

  • Enjoy new, exclusive swag full of afro vegan goodies 

Are you ready to lose weight, feel great and eat well?

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Try out chef-created and world inspired cuisines that will leave your stomach and wallet satisfied

You don't have to go vegan alone. Talk to a 7 year plant-based eater and vegan chef about the plant-based lifestyle

She Can Vegan


A vegan program designed to start you on a healthy vegan lifestyle in 30 days.

Chef Services

Need a vegan chef? Look no further. I create healthy plant-based meals for any and all vegan eaters. Peep my sample menu to see what I offer




Girl, Eat Your Veggies: Vitamin A

Are you struggling with poor eye sight, weak immune system and super dry skin? You could be low in Vitamin A. Learn how Vitamin A can improve your vision and help you fight cancer. 


Ginger Curried Butternut Squash Soup

Made with ginger, curry and butternut squash, this soup is packed with antioxidants and nutrients to help you detox, boost your immune system and do a spring cleaning for the body. 


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