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Start a healthy vegan lifestyle in just 30 days

The She Can Vegan is a 30-day membership program made by and for women of color. 


With personal coaching, custom meal plans, and a private membership group of women of color...


you can start a healthy vegan lifestyle that makes you feel and look amazing. 

why go vegan?


Save 913 square feet of forest


Save 33,000 gallons of water a year


Lower your risk of heart disease and chronic illness


Save energy and lower environmental impact


Save hundreds of animals a year from slavery and murder

Weight Loss

Lose pounds of weight and keep it off

Become a


What you get 

Healthy, plant-based lifestyle in 30 days


Live webinars on health, fitness and nutrition 


60 minutes of transformative coaching from vegan chef and certified nutritionist

Topaz Hooper.


Custom 7 day meal plan and grocery lists 


Weekly email with inspiring vegans of color, tips and tricks


Access to AFV Sistas Facebook Group

This program is for you if you are...
  • New to a vegan and plant-based lifestyle

  • Ready to start eating healthier but don’t know how

  • Hungry to change your diet and want healthy food to be your new normal

  • Tired of gaining weight and going through the ups and downs of weight loss

  • Excited to notice a positive change in your body 

  • Ready to take control of your diet and start thriving

This program is NOT for you if you are...
  • Not interesting in starting a vegan or plant-based lifestyle

  • Happy with your health and don’t wish to make changes to your food habits

  • Already vegan and have been for several years

  • A DIY person who doesn’t want coaching, help or support

  • Skeptical and disinterested about the value of plant-based eating

If you suffer from...

  • Physical pain

  • Diabetes

  • Obesity

  • Acne

  • Skin conditions

  • Mood Swings

  • Depression

  • Liver Disease

  • Asthma

  • High Cholesterol

  • Heart Disease

  • Arthritis

  • Poor Digestion

  • Addiction

  • Hypertension

A Plant-Based Diet May Be Able to Help

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Benefits of the Program


Look and feel amazing

Discover how to eat a healthy plant-based diet with specialized attention on your nutritional needs, overcoming health issues, and meeting your fitness goals.



A holistic approach

Go vegan and begin to implement healthier lifestyle choices at several levels of your life. Increase your energy, drop some pounds and feel good about your daily meal choices.



Surround yourself with like-minded people

Feel understood by fellow vegans of color. Leave questions in our Facebook group and have private coaching sessions with Topaz Hooper. Surround yourself with more vegans of color and stay motivated.




I feel a renewed sense of purpose to stay on my plant based journey. I would absolutely recommend other black women to come to [Topaz] for advice and guidance in their vegan journeys! [She's] warm and relatable, [she] gives good tips for someone just starting or years into their plant based life. The health, active lifestyle, focus and drive that [she] embodies radiates from [her], and anyone would want to emulate that!

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 12.18.13


It started off with [Topaz] giving me this amazing list of proteins that are super accessible to me... and telling me what fruits and vegetables I can use to replace [animal products]. I'm so excited, I feel so empowered to be connecting with another woman who is young, black, traveling, vegan and fit. [Topaz] is such a powerful resource.

Meet Topaz


Your She Can Vegan Coach and Nutritionist

Hi, I'm Topaz. I'm a plant-based lifestyle coach, certified Vegan Nutritionist, and founder of Afro Feminista Vegan.


I've been plant-based for 8 years. 3 years as a vegetarian and 5 years as a vegan. From day one, going plant-based changed my life.

For years, I suffered from obesity, acne, mood swings, eczema, joint pain. I beat these health issues and am currently eating a healthy, plant-based diet.

With me, you can start and sustain a healthy plant-based diet that leaves you feeling empowered, energetic, and on the path to health and happiness.

Enjoy one-on-one coaching, custom meal plans, and exclusive webinars on the following topics:

  • Vegan cooking instruction and tutorials

  • Plant-based nutrition education

  • Healthy, vegan swaps for your favorite foods

  • Tips to stretch your dollar on a vegan diet

  • Meal planning, grocery lists, and recipe creation

  • Accountability and support to help you stick with a plant-based lifestyle

  • Recommendations on kitchen tools and vegan-friendly brands

Are you ready to take your health and happiness to a whole new level?

Meet Topaz

Program fee




Make your meals easy, healthy and a no-brainer with a custom seven day vegan meal plan + grocery list. ($100 value)

Take advantage of 60 minutes of high-level personal coaching with Topaz. A 4 year vegan with the advice and motivation you need to go vegan the right way. ($100 value)

Talk with fellow black women vegans about your food, struggles, successes and any questions you have in the AFV Sisters Facebook Page.

Gain insights on nutrition, fitness, cooking, and steps to transition to a plant-based lifestyle in the 24 hour AFV resource library.

Stay inspired with a weekly newsletter featuring inspiring vegans women of color, recipes of the week and tips for your health journey.

Get a FREE Swag Bag with She Can Vegan merch delivered right to your door. ($50 VALUE)

Get results or


money back guarantee


Original price


for 30 days

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