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Plant-Based Coaching



Are you ready to go vegan but don't know where to start? 

Do you feel unsure of how to make healthy meals for yourself?

Are you feeling alone and that your community isn't there to support your journey?

Look no further, I got you sis. 

As a vegan chef, certified vegan nutritionist and plant-based eater for 6 years, I love helping people reach a more natural, ethical and healthier state of being. Consultations with me are designed to motivate you, equip you with culinary, nutrition-based and fitness knowledge, and to keep you committed to a vegan lifestyle.

During our sessions, I get to know you and your values. I ask you questions that let me know how I can best guide you on your vegan journey. Once we begin to understand where you've gotten off track, I can put you back on.

I create custom meal plans designed to give you the right nutritional needs that fit your lifestyle. 

Let me do all the hard work. All you have to do is tell me where you're struggling, what you like to eat and I'll give you a plan, strategy, and motivation to help you stay happy, well and vegan.

I have years of experience studying fitness, nutrition, culinary skills, and so much more. You can ask me anything and I'll have an answer.


  • Meal Plan and Create Delicious Recipes You'll Want to Stick to

  • Develop a Health and Fitness Regimen

  • Learn to Cook for Yourself

  • Know More about Vegan Nutrition

  • Create Healthy Vegan Meals

  • Stretch Your Dollar on A Vegan Diet and Get More for Your $

  • Stay motivated to Stick With a Plant-Based Lifestyle

  • Pick and Choose Kitchen Tools and Vegan-Friendly Brands

Plant-Based Coaching

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