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Are you ready for the BEST soul food dinner EVER?? Here is our DELICIOUS soulful vegan recipes. On the menu:


- Collard Greens with Crunchy Eggplant "Bacon" (V, GF)

- Mama's Macroni and Cheez (V, GF Optional) 

- Just like Jiffy Cornbread (V, Soy-Free Optional)

- Fresh Pumpkin Pie (V, Soy-Free)


These recipes are just like you remember them. All of your soul food favorites made into simple, delicious and satisfying soul foods. You don't have to compromise on flavor or tradition. Impress your friends and family with the flavor and texture of your favorite soul food dishes. Allergy friendly, your family and friends can enjoy soy-free and gluten-free options. Enjoy this delicious e-menu with all of your soul food favorites in one place. 



- 4 delicious vegan soulfood recipes

- Instructions and Ingredients

- Recommendations for the best flavor and texture

- GF and Soy-free options


This digital recipe menu will be sent immediately to you after purchase. No need to wait or google any of these recipes. They are right at your fingertips in seconds!


Enjoy, fam!

Soul Food Recipe E-Menu

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