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Afro Feminista Vegan

A place for women of color to start a healthy, plant-based lifestyle.


Hi, I'm Topaz and welcome to Afro Feminista Vegan.


I'm a plant-based coach, vegan chef, and happy, healthy vegan.

8 years ago, I transformed myself from a sick, tired, and unhappy meat-eater to a healthy, lean, and energetic vegan.

This is my story. And it can be yours, too. 

Start your journey to a healthier you in just 30 days!



Creamy vegan leek risotto

Craving something creamy, rich, and filling? This warm and delicious traditional-style risotto will impress even the pickiest eater. Full of leeks, garlic, shallots, and even saffron, give this rich fall recipe a try!



Try out chef-created and world inspired cuisines that will leave your stomach and wallet satisfied.



You don't have to go vegan alone. Talk to a 5 year plant-based eater and vegan chef about starting a plant-based lifestyle 

She Can Vegan


A vegan program designed to start you on a healthy vegan lifestyle in 30 days. Join a group of vegan women of color who are ready to take the leap to be healthier, happier and plant-based.


Join the Afro Feminista Vegan Sistas Group

Are you struggling to find women of color who are going vegan? I have good news, sis. You don't have to do it alone. 

Going vegan can be tough and you need a squad of sistas to be there for you. Here's your chance!


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