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5 Reasons Why I Support Buying Killer Dave's Bread

Have you heard of Killer Dave's bread? It's an amazing justice minded bread company. I'll tell you all about why I stand with Killer Dave's Bread and why you should too.

1. The bread is manufactured by ex-felons

Killer Dave (Dave Dahl) himself was a convicted felon of 15 years and experienced the kinds of job discrimination that comes from having a record.

Once released, he joined his family's bread company and wanted to create more job opportunities for those who were formally incarcerated.

Supporting this bread manufacturer is supporting sustainable solutions to job employment for ex-felons.

2. The ingredients are superb

The Killer Dave Organic 21 Whole Grains and Seeds bread has no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial preservatives or ingredients.

It is packed with heart healthy whole grains, is non-GMO and is USDA certified organic.

You gotta admit, that's pretty awesome.

3. It is naturally high in nutrients.

Most white breads and some wheat breads artificially add vitamins and minerals after they bleach or heavily process their breads.

There's no need to add in nutrients if your ingredients are already on par.

Each slice of this Killer Dave's bread has 8% of your iron, 20% of your selenium, 45% of your manganese and so much more!

These are the building blocks for sustained energy all day long.

4. The business is family owned I don't know about you but I'm done unconsciously supporting big corporate entities.

Especially industries that support animal production and abuse.

This bread company is family owned and operated in Oregon.

I support families and small entrepreneurs.

5. The bread is vegan

I love love love that this bread is 100% vegan.

Some breads contain milk and other animal products.

That's cool but I don't want it in my body. Killer Dave's has the nutrients, quality ingredients, and ethics that a vegan - especially a social justice vegan - can get behind.

I purchased this bread at Sprouts Natural Grocers in Denver, CO for $5.

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