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25 Vegan and Soulful Thanksgiving Recipes

photo credit: Nava @; photo is of recipe #2 in Main Courses

I don’t know about you but I LOVE Thanksgiving and holidays in Autumn. My meat-eating family likes to prepare the typical soul food dishes like sweet ham, macaroni cheese, deviled eggs, and collard greens. But when the vegan shows up to Thanksgiving, I found I was SOL and pretty much on my own. After a couple of Thanksgivings, I decided to make my own completely vegan and soulful dishes. After hours of looking through recipes that fit the bill, I found 25 recipes written by various authors and food bloggers. I've tried about 70% of these recipes and can vouch for how delicious, favorable and soulful they are. Please share & enjoy this list of 25 vegan and soulful fall holiday recipes this season!


Main Course:




*Afro Feminista Vegan claims no right to the recipes mentioned above except the Pumpkin Mac N "Cheese" recipe. This article is simply for informational purposes. All rights reserved.*

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